Empowering people from children to adults to use
their story to heal and help others

Nina M. Kelly

Ph.D, Humanitarian, Author and Executive Producer

Who is Nina M. Kelly?

As a mythologist, storyteller, author, humanitarian Nina’s sense of adventure has always been sparked through learning more about people and their cultures.

Nina believes if you understand a person’s cultural background, stories, myths, and rituals, acceptance is more readily attained.

Her compassion for the art of healing through stories brought her to the place of writing her book, “Grace Has A Silent Voice”.

Through many years working with death and dying patients she gained a tremendous respect for the proper honoring of story in one’s life. In this book she wishes to acknowledge all the silent heroes that walk into our life for a moment then quickly disappear. This interaction inevitably leaves an imprint that continues to remind us there is beauty in humanity.

Simultaneously Nina devoted her life to the creative and performing arts. Each culture is strongly embedded in healing through the various art form expressions. She strongly promotes this concept as demonstrated throughout history.

Nina challenges us through the inspiration and motivation of storytelling.


An Invitation To Go Within

15 Apr, 2020

Nina M. Kelly PH.D.

The world as we have known it has come to a near screeching halt. We are being called upon to do things we never thought possible in this land of the free and home of the brave. We are being quarantined in our homes. We are required to stay away […]

Inspirational Storyteller, Speaker, Best-selling Author And Coach, Dr. Nina Kelly, Encourages Self-Reflection During This Time Of Self-Isolation

17 Apr, 2020

Nina M. Kelly PH.D.

Inspiring storyteller, writer and speaker, Dr. Nina Kelly looks at the opportunity being presented by the COVID19 virus as a time to become familiar with oneself and discover what’s really important in life as once normal ways are being replaced with a new normal. New Orleans, LA – April 17, […]