Inspired By The In-Between Time

I have always found late August to be such a fascinating time of year as summer draws to a close and kids return to school. It’s hard to miss the distinctive lull in the collective energy as the transition from the comings and goings of summer merge with the more […]

Summer stories

Summer Inspires Stories

Long, lazy days, soft, warm breezes, and adventures beckon. The music of children laughing and waves breaking on the shore. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs and fresh-shucked corn sizzling on the grill. In our neck of the woods you’re likely to be enticed by the aroma of crab […]


The In-Between Times

If you are at all like me, I bet you love starting something new.

You get inspired to begin something and you feel charged up and raring to go! I’ve discovered in my work that we humans tend to love new beginnings. And, we also love getting to the finish line. But the in-between? Oh no. That’s the part we are not so fond of.


Unleash Your Light And Breezy Summer Spirit

“Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly!” Van Morrison June has arrived, ushering in the sweetest of seasons – three wonderful months of summer with delicious warm breezes that call out to the playful spirit. I don’t think I know a single soul who doesn’t […]

new beginnings

Keeping Thoughts Centered On New Beginnings

May is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s typically not as volatile, weather-wise as April and the temperatures are still mild. As we make the transition from spring to summer, my thoughts often turn to new beginnings. It’s the beginning of a new growing season for gardeners. […]


The Springtime Of Healing

Life is an endless series of stories weaving and unweaving the very web of life as the vast collective unconscious. Your story, my story, all stories. Each life is an amazing story filled with heart-break and ecstasy, sadness and tenderness. Spring is the season that tells the story of rebirth, […]


Spring Shows Us How To Really Make An Entrance

Spring is the season that literally bursts onto the scene. It makes quite an entrance so to speak! With its vivid and various shades of greens. I mean, really, when you look around it’s hard to believe there could be so many different ‘greens’. They are so subtle and difficult […]

the future

What Future Do You See?

These days I hear more and more people talking about how much they fear the future. Yes, we are living in uncertain times, but all times are truly uncertain. However, what many people don’t understand – even though Franklin D. Roosevelt knew it when he gave his inaugural address in […]


Where Gratitude Begins

I believe that gratitude begins with story. I also believe that story begins with connection. That connection begins with experiences. For instance, I experience myself. I experience others. I experience something going on around me that involves other beings. These things that happen makes me smile, laugh, cry, shout, scream. […]


A Story Of Gratitude

Who doesn’t love a good story? I don’t know a soul who doesn’t get drawn into a well-told tale. I am so grateful for the stories I listened to carefully while growing up and for the wonder those stories created in me. I am so grateful for the friends and […]